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This weekend I discovered the amazing, differentiated math center system that is called BUILD!!!  I am super pumped to use it in my classroom!

What is BUILD?

An amazing way to differentiate your math time and allow you the time to work with small groups of students while your other students explore mathematics (we call it puzzling in our class because we are cool like that- thanks Esme)! Thanks also to Pinterest for another amazing idea! Who would have thought that Pinterest would become such a great place for teachers to collaborate?

Centers are set up in the following categories:
Buddy Games– Games that children can play together with a partner. I will include two games in this tub (one for my students who are closer to grade level and one for my students with a bit more of a gap between them and same age peers).
Using Manipulatives- Activities that allow students to explore math and solve problems using manipulatives. This will also contain two differentiated activities.
Independent Reading, Writing, and Ipad- Fill a tub with math books to read or have children solve problems and explain their thinking in essay format.  You can also create folders on your Ipad that contain Khan Academy presentations or specific games for the unit you are on.  My children have an IPad checklist assignment sheet so it’s very structured Ipad time.
Learning About Numbers- Activities that allow students to work with numbers such as even/odd, prime, comparing, contrasting, sorting, ordering, building numbers in different ways using various operations, etc. There will be two differentiated activities.
Doing Math- Activities that allow the child to practice math concepts currently taught in their Investigations textbook or review concepts that they in particular need to review. This tub is even more individualized than the others.  For Investigations unit 1, I am putting their worksheets in there since they will not get done as homework- I know my kids.

Find out more and get free center plans on my wiki!!!